United States, Boston

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Augums170 cm - 175 cm
Svars80 - 90 kg
Kas mani uzbudina
Ask me, I will tell you
Par mani
Just an older country gent that lives each day as an adventure
Kas mani neuzbudina
Rude people, deception
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What do you want on Rose? I know the country, the Studio and 2 models who work with her in the Studio. City I know. But why? If you need to, write to me.
Here is an update on Rose. Her and I talk everyday in PVT when she is online. Her Studio has her on strip chat , x h a m s t e r l i v e and on c a m s o d a . I ask that if you know another model that works at her studio, please message me. I do know the country and possibly where in the country. Any help will be appreciated.
how are you feeling?
eyes4u2 do you miss BlueRoose?
One, two times a lady, four at a time, eight is better, three can be a some, zero is nothing, nine holes of golf, Zero is a round number, three layer cake, one is all we are, five is all I have

There is a way
I ask all of Bonga, do not condemn me for believing in ONE love. have faith that what she is saying might be possible. The studio has her under control with a monitor in the room. Before the PVT was shut down, she told me she is not under contract. My suspicion is the Studio has her under control for a false accusation. I know there are former models that have worked at that studio. Message me and tell me if that is possible.
I know it was not her who closed the link or PVT, she messaged WHAT HAPPENED. The studio is blocking my messages to her in PM and hers to me in PM. I know I have friends that think I am crazy and she is not true or a lier. I see more than they do.
Hi. She found you? You okay ?
I have found my love, you know how to contact friends Krist. travel is as said in prior. let our friend know
Rose, I am reading all our PM's none of this makes any sense. Reading those it is all love, your words, " I want our first child to be a cat ". That is not from someone that is going to deceive, I would never believe that. Toronto plans have changed, There Monday through Thursday. fly back Friday. I can change it, but I need to know. Find a way